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Hear the music of the Roadhouse band on October 13th from 7-10pm. Click here for information about the band.

Come listen to the music of Michael P and the Gullywashers on October 19th & 20th from 7-11pm. Click here for information about the band.

Also playing this year is Retread on October 26th from 7-11pm. Click here for information about the band

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Terror In The Corn - Haunted Cornfield

You can now buy tickets online! Click here for details.

Sure you've been to a haunted house ... but can you imagine the frightening possibilities of a haunted cornfield? Terror In The Corn will not disappoint!

An area of our Corn Maze will be set aside for the haunt. The experience will combine props and live actors. We have spent much of the off-season creating a variety of new scares; promising to elevate Terror In The Corn to the next level in the world of horror.

Terror In The Corn isn't for everyone! Children, 12 years and under, will not be admitted without an adult and parental discretion is strongly advised. Are you brave enough to enter the unknown?

Corn Maze - Flashlight Nights

This year's Corn Maze is a completely new design. It can be a game of strategy and a test of your navigational skills or simply an enjoyable stroll. Over 4 miles of trail winds through 11 acres of corn and forms 2 mazes. Each maze takes approximately 1 hour to complete. A total of 12 checkpoints are contained within the mazes to guide you and a punch card helps gauge your success; like a scavenger hunt!



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